Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee was interviewed by Billboard, and he offered some insights into what fans can expect from their next album, Clockwork Angels, via comparison to their last studio effort, 2007's Snakes and Arrows.

Says Lee, "The first two releases from this album, 'Caravan' and 'Brought Up to Believe,' are a great indication of where this album's going, although there's much more variety than just what those two songs offer. When I look back at Snakes and Arrows, as happy as we were with that record, in retrospect I feel we kind of overdid it with overdubs. We'd like to simplify that, just in terms of making sure the guitar, bass and drum sounds are big and loud and clear, and any time we are going to add an overdub, to make sure that it definitely is adding and not subtracting."

He also discusses the band's performance of 1981's Moving Pictures in its entirety on their most recent tour (documented on the double live disc Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland), and leaves open the possibility that they might perform another album someday: "If we were really out of our minds, we would attempt something like Hemispheres. If Rush has a cult following, within that cult following there's a following for Hemispheres [laughs]. I'm not sure we're up for that one, but I could see us doing 2112."

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