TONIGHT (09/19) is opening night for the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour, sponsored by Revolver and Guitar World mags. So, to commemorate this event, we have pulled out, and I quote, the "most rare Machine Head track." We are currently less than 2 weeks away from Machine Head's forthcoming Supercharger release...and while we aren't just ready to throw out another new track from the release, we have gone in the opposite direction - pulling out some music from the Burn My Eyes' sessions. This piece you are about to hear was a promo piece here in the US back in 1995, actually a sampler for radio. It contained four songs, and they are as follows: 1 - "Old" - this was the cause for this sampler, as this was the track being sent to radio. This track comes from the Burn My Eyes release. 2 - "Alan's On Fire" - THIS track happens to be the ONLY b-side from the Burn My Eyes' sessions. As our VP of A&R Monte Connor tells, this is the "most rare Machine Head track." The only time this was ever released was on a European limited edition Black Box Burn My Eyes release. It is a cover from a band called Poison Idea (a Portland based hardcore band). Monte continues to say this song "should've been on the record." Yes, it is a great song. 3 - "Davidian" (live) - also from the Burn My Eyes release. Recorded live in New York. This song should need no further description. 4 - "Hard Times" (live) - also recorded live in New York, this song is a bit of a rarity as well. "Hard Times" is a cover track from the Cro-Mags. The only other place this was ever heard, ceptin for live shows, was in Europe on the "Old" commercial single release. One last fact for ya - the more things change, the more they stay the same. The first two tracks on this piece were produced by Colin Richardson, whom actually happens to be the same cat that mixed the upcoming Supercharger release. Sit back, and enjoy these rare Machine Head tracks you are about to am gonna like it! The goods can be found in our MUSIC section. SUPERCHARGER in stores October 2nd