Roadrunner Catalog # RR2090-3 is now up on the site for your listening pleasure. This week's stream is another European single release, Slipknot's Spit It Out. Three tracks in total on this stream spanning a total of 9 minutes and 13 seconds - "Spit It Out" plus two tracks recorded live in late 1999 at Webster Theatre in Harford, CT, "Surfacing" and "Wait And Bleed". As always, enjoy. And as for next week, I have a little surprise for the streaming session - an old compilation from 1994 containing tracks that many of you either forgot about, or have never heard. That is all I will say about it now, you will have to wait until next Wednesday to hear what it is. As always, go to the MUSIC Section of our site, or simply go to Slipknot's page on our site and hit the MUSIC page. One last thing, for all you collectors, as what seems to be standard with most all of our European released singles, this release, of course, comes equipped with the video for "Spit It Out" on the disc.