The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica was recently interviewed by Loudwire, and talked about lyric writing versus fiction (as seen in his self-published short story, Home for Grave), the band's plans for 2014, and more.

Says Mike, when asked to pick his favorite songs from the band's latest album, 8:18, "'8:18' has been consistently one of my favorites. I like 'War' and 'First Sight' a lot. I always liked 'War' but especially when we started playing it because the first bit of the song is instrumental and I play the third guitar part. I love whenever I get to play guitar parts with the band. It’s awesome to see how songs exist after starting to play them live and watching that transformation happen. I love playing these songs and I love our setlist right now."

Regarding Home for Grave, he says, "When I had the idea to do 'Home for Grave' the song was already in my mind the package of being a story also about the characters within the song. There was actually two people at first but after the song was edited I just kept it to the man rather than the man and the woman—there was a woman in the song. I love any sort of chance to write, especially something like that where I feel like it’s not an obligation but I make it an obligation for myself in order to force me to do it. I get lazy and I don’t write as much as I should. It was just another project I got to enjoy...It’s a short story, which for some reason made people mad. Some people were like, 'It’s not even a book, it’s just a short story.' I’ve read short stories that are three pages.

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The Devil Wears Prada's 8:18 is available everywhere now—grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!

The band will be on the road in March and April; find a show near you!