The Carvivore Reissues. Though the band parted ways over 10 years ago, you have yet to hear the last of them. Slated for a tentative January 2001 release, both Carnivore LP's are being reissued. This time around, there will be a bit more to see and hear from the band. Each LP, "Carnivore" and "Retaliation", have been remastered AND each reisuue includes THREE tracks that were previously unreleased. In addition, the artwork: the artwork, which remains true to Peter's vision for the band from back in the day, has expanded liner notes on the act as well as photos you have never seen before (check out the photo gallery for a sneak peak at a couple of them). This time around, with Peter having considerable more clout to do what he wants with the artwork, you will get a feel for Carnivore which you may have never had before.