Words have been swirling about The Workhorse Movement. "Has Workhorse left the building?" "Please tell us this isn't true, I don't want WHM to break up!!!" "If you guys are breaking up...the fans have a right to know...Workhorse will always be loved." The Workhorse Movement: 1994-2000 Rest In Peace. Apparently the rumors are true. The Workhorse Movement's last show on December 23rd, 2000 at Harpo's in Detroit is proving to indeed be their last show. As we understand, Cornbread (Vocals) and Joe (Drums) have decided they no longer want to be a part of the band. But, as the saying goes, every cloud does have a silver lining - Myron (Vocals), Freedom (Guitar), and Pete (Bass) are going to forge ahead. The remaining "Sons Of The Pioneers" are currently in the Detroit area writing new material and recording demos in a studio close to home. With the departure of Cornbread and Joe, so will go the name "The Workhorse Movement". The band is writing up a little something to post on their website to tell you all what is going on in their own words. We'll let you know when that is up. In the meantime, enjoy the music they left us with...and we'll keep you posted on the music that is being created.