So, how well do you really know Ill Nino? Let's see...they are currently on the road with Spineshank, Chimaira, and Sw1tched (see Ill Nino TOUR DATES for details)...their debut release is titled Revolution...Revolucion and it comes out July 31st...they have 2 tracks on this site from their upcoming release which you can download - "God Save Us" and "If You Still Hate Me"...and there was a news posting on June 6th that told a bit about each member (see previous Ill Nino NEWS)... So maybe the better question to ask is "What do you want to know about Ill Nino?" Well, wonder no more, someone at the Ill Nino camp was smart enough to come up with Ill Nino Q&A. To be a continuous feature at, the band brings you a feature wherein you send them questions, and they will post the answers on their site. Check it out at - the Q&A is at the bottom of the INTERACT section. One side note about the above...careful what you ask, it just might be answered. Now, in regards to the June 11th Ill Nino news posting about the two final mixes and the line that said "Remember when we said the two songs we gave you were final mixes? We lied!" - the line was based off the movie COMMANDO when Schwarzenegger (Ah-nuld) said "Remember when I said I'd Kill you last? I lied." Congratulations to Marlon S in San Diego - you were the first to answer correctly. Keep an eye out in your mailbox for your prize come the end of July. Though many others did get the answer correct, just as many also answered Spinal Tap. Why?