Okay folks, we have seen you bitching on the boards, and yes, at times even enjoyed it thoroughly! We have also noticed some users getting pissed at all the general name slinging going around and lack of true, genuine discussion. Well, the walls have just been put up! As of now, there are TWO sections to our message board found in the IN THE PIT section. Section 1: Message Board Fight Club - This is where you go when you want to bitch, moan, complain, make enemies, egg houses, kick little puppies, steal purses from old ladies, whatever...Every post that has been on our site previously can be found here, seeing as most all of those threads resulted in fights! Section 2: Super Happy Fun Land - This is for all you who are sick of the madness and want to share thoughts, ideas, and have communication in a civilized manner! In here you are asked to refrain from being a dick in general. You are also asked to have pure interest in the topics and post appropriately! Is this a good idea? Maybe, maybe not. Feel free to email us and tell us your thoughts. I am very curious as to how this turns out over the weekend, we can always go back to how it was before if you don't like!