It must be told, some of these questions that you have been asking are great. If you don't see your question, it is most likely because someone else already asked something similar... With that in mind, we had the chance to speak with Coal Chamber's vocalist Dez today, who is currently enjoying some time at home before heading back in the studio on August 1st with Meegs to finish up the vocal tracks and some last guitar pieces for Coal Chamber's upcoming release titled DARK DAYS. To make it easier to digest, only 10 Q&A's will be presented today. Next week, keep your eyes open for answers from Meegs, Mikey, and Rayna. Today's 10 are as follows: 1 - Hey there Dez, it's your Bro from Canada, but now I live in Mexico City and I was wondering what to expect from this album as it will be a break through album as Rock and Roll. And is it true that Nikki Sixx helped right some of this album? -John Price Dez - Nikki didn't help out with any of the Coal Chamber album. But I did do a song with Nikki and Meegs on guitar called "Where Is God". Our version won't be released on this album, however it's a great song and there will be something done with it in the future. It was incredible working with Nikki. He's very down to earth...and between working with him and Ozzy, that's a dream. 2 - hi dez! i heard a lonnngggg time ago that you were planning on writing a children's book, is that true? and if so, any idea when it will actually be out in stores? also heard that you wanted to be an English teacher, i don't know if that's true or not but i am in school to be an English teacher right now and think that anyone willing to give something as valuable as an education to kids today is immeasurably guys always have been, and always will be, awesome! love, adriana... Dez - Yes, we've written it, Anahstasia and I wrote it. A Canadian artist named Liam did the artwork. It's called The October Bunch, which will be a series of 13 books. It's about a bunch of kids who come home every night and after they have dinner, put on Halloween costumes and get into various hi-jinx. The first book in this series of 13 is called Finding Blackie, about the bunch finding their first black cat. It's currently in the hands of a book agent right now in NY, and is being given to publishers. Any kid that reads this, email Random House books and ask for The October Bunch. 2 people influenced me through school - 1 being my 7th and 8th grade English teacher, the other my 7th and 8th grade music teacher. English was always my major. All three of my sisters all I have a great affinity for teachers! Thank you very much for the question. 3 - What's the band's new look gonna be like? MUDMAGGOTT Dez - Very street. 4 - Question: i thought on the snot tribute cd you used your voice to its potential and it sounded fucking awesome and i was wondering if you could explain what the vocals will be like on your third album. Also can you please come to Australia, i know your shows would be sell outs everywhere. Kane W Dez - There will be many tracks on the 3rd album using that vocal style. Again, can't wait to come to Australia. 5 - What are the extremities as far as emotional feelings on the new album? Elliot Dez - I dove deeper than ever before - "solitude is the deepest well I know" 6 - What has been the most significant change in the band since dropping off Tattoo The Earth 2000? James Dez - Each one of us finding who we are, both as ourselves and as a unit. For myself, it was a very crazy, valid experience to be home for 8 months. It also gave the music public time to sift through things and get ready for DARK DAYS. 7 - FIRST OF ALL YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ALBUM SINCE YOU GUYS BACKED OUT OF TATTOO. BUT I AM SURE IT WILL BE WELL WORTH IT. SO THE QUESTION IS, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON A STAGE SHOW FOR THE NEXT TOUR? JOE Dez - Many ideas. Can't wait to show you. Nothing cheesy... 8 - dez, The demo you recorded for Babbit.. WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU USED IT!? that has got to be one of the best CC songs ever! It's heavy and it has an awesome feel to it! I sincerely hope that the new album will be a lot heavier than Chamber music. ~SPooN Dez - "Babbit", one of the first songs I ever wrote. Know you'll never hear it again, but thanks for mentioning it. I keep tellin ya, the new album is gonna be fucking the sense that everything you thought you've been missing, you're gonna get. 9 - Hey what's up Dez?? you fucking rock man. i was wondering why you didn't choose to work with Jay Gordon on this album. you two made the best team on "Coal Chamber" and "Chamber Music". John S Dez - I wanted to go with somebody totally different, and Ross Hogarth just had the vision. 10 - So what have you guys done differently (if anything) on this album to try and reach a broader audience, and go for a platinum record? Jason P Dez - We didn't try to broaden it. We tried to shrink it down and capture the core.