We don't mean to get too corporate on yur ass here, but this is well worth mentioning - Nickelback's first single off their upcoming Silver Side Up release is burning up... After speaking with our mgr of Northeast Radio Promotion, Elias (remember his name...you will hear much more of him in the future here on the site...and you will love it), he tells that over 120 stations have already added the song, and it doesn't even go for adds until tomorrow (07/17). The song is "How Your Remind Me". The term 'adds' refers to the date we pick and formally request radio stations to play the song...Although, as Elias corrects, "actually garnering airplay is a better term. Just because we request doesn't mean a station will add it!" Elias continues that this is the "quickest and most airplay any 1 Roadrunner artist has received in the history of the label." As this story is being written, more emails are coming in from our radio cats exclaiming more stations that have just added "How You Remind Me" to their play list. "They just keep coming. It's insane," tells Nickelback's A&R Rep Ron B. Speaking of insane, "How You Remind Me" went for adds in Canada last week, and debuted at #20. Though we can't back this up, word has it that is the highest debut for any Canadian rock band on Canadian rock radio...not too shabby, eh? Oh, and Elias adds one more thing, "the band really likes pierogies...what? They do!" Odds are the song is playing in your area, give your local rock station a jingle and request to hear the song more...Cheers! In other Nickelback news, the band is back home this week after playing a couple Canadian dates last week. This weekend they will be heading out the Midwest Radio Conclave for a show in Minneapolis, MN....Look for them to be shooting a video for "How You Remind Me" within the next couple weeks (more details to follow)...come mid-August they will be hitting Europe for a couple weeks...upon arrival back in the states at the end of August, the hit the road with 3 Doors Down...and did we mention they really like pierogies??? Cheers to what is to come.