The Underground Video Television (UVTV) Ozzfest Special Part II is now online & on iTunes. The show is hosted by Herman Li & Sam Totman of DragonForce with appearances by Brandon of Bleeding Through and Candice of Walls Of Jericho. Herman & Sam talk about the making of their video for "Through The Fire And Flames", how the internet has affected the music industry and their band, as well as their experiences playing the mainstage at Ozzfest.

The show can be viewed online at the UVTV WEBSITE and as a free videocast on ITUNES.

Though Ozzfest may be over, the touring never stops for DragonForce! They've only got a few more stops in the US before they set the rest of the world ablaze with their power metal fury live and onstage. Click HERE to catch 'em every step of the way!